How Maritime Law Works In Florida

What is Maritime Law?

Maritime or Admiralty law includes agreements and mandatory regulations that every business or entity must adhere to if they are conducting activities located on or in the sea. It is to be noted that each country has its own set of laws and agreements that fall under their own respective maritime laws.

What Accidents Does Maritime Law Cover?

Any incident that causes personal injury due to activities on the sea fall under the umbrella of maritime law.

For example, a person injured on a rental jet ski is entitled to file a maritime lawsuit against the rental company if the injury resulted from negligence. Maritime cases

In addition, any accidents that take place on a private boat or cruise ship also fall under maritime law. Maritime law also covers mechanical failures of a boat, cruise ship, jet ski, or any other water vessel that may result in an accident or injury to the individual taking part in the activity.

How Does Maritime Law Work in Florida?

In Florida, the nature of any sustained injuries and compensation for these injuries are taken into consideration when a maritime lawsuit is filed. A maritime lawsuit can be filed for the pain and suffering, emotional trauma, and for medical costs due to sustained injuries.

Maritime lawsuits can also seek compensation for future medical expenses such as prescription medications, physical rehabilitation, and any necessary surgical procedures. Property damage and disability claims can also be filed in addition to the maritime case.

How to File for a Maritime Case in Florida

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