Lydecker Diaz Senior Partner Manny Diaz Creates Scholarship Fund at UM Alma Mater

Lydecker Diaz Senior Partner Manny Diaz Creates Scholarship Fund at UM Alma Mater

As he recounts it, Lydecker Diaz Senior Partner Manny Diaz never would have become an attorney or pursued his passion for real estate law if it weren’t for the financial assistance he received during his first year of law school at the University of Miami.

“The reality is that back then neither my family nor I had the means to pay full tuition to cover the costs of my first year as a law student,”said Diaz. “Without the financial assistance I received, it’s almost certain that I never would have completed law school, much less build a fulfilling legal career focused on urban land use and real estate.”

Fast forward nearly four decades after he graduated from the University of Miami School of Law, and the Lydecker Diaz attorney is doing his part to help current UM law students who find themselves facing similar financial hardships to those he confronted all those years ago. The newly-created Manuel A. Diaz Scholarship Fund will support a deserving law school student in the University’s nationally-recognized Robert Traurig/Greenberg Traurig Real Property Development LL.M program, meeting a critical financial need that – as Diaz’s own experience illustrates – can change the course of a young person’s career and life for the better.

Diaz sets a strong example for those who are following in his professional footsteps. Aside from building a thriving land use practice, he has made public service a mainstay of his professional life. Diaz served a successful 8-year stint a City of Miami Mayor, and was president of the U.S. Conference of Mayors.

To learn more about the Manuel A. Diaz Scholarship Fund, click here.

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