Lydecker Plants 100 Trees in California to Commemorate Growth

In order to commemorate our 100-attorney milestone reached in January 2021, Lydecker is planting 100 trees in California forests.

The trees are a symbolism of our commitment to our team, our growth, and our commitment to serving at our best capacity in each of the states we expand our firm into.

California is the fifth state where Lydecker now has offices. Our 100th attorney, Michael C. Douglass, is our partner opening and leading our California office.

California has had to combat five years of drought, fires, and a large-scale bark beetle infestation that have seriously damaged the state’s landscape. Leadership at Lydecker feels there was no better way to show our dedication to our west coast expansion than to recognize this need and partner with a non-profit that is doing something about it.

If you or your organization would also like to partner with One Tree Planted, please visit

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