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What You Should Know About Professional Liability Lawsuits

Regardless of the industry you are in or the experience you may have, the risk of a professional liability lawsuits always looms over.

How so?

A client can simply claim that you did not perform your professional duty correctly and this may have caused them to suffer physical,emotional, or monetary harm.

At the Lydecker Diaz law firm, our Miami professional liability attorneys  can help you understand your position and provide a solid defense against a professional liability lawsuit.

Professions With The Most Risk For A Liability Lawsuit

Generally, any professional whose actions may have caused damages to the client can have a professional liability lawsuit filed against them. However, these lawsuits are not easy to file given the provision of evidence and cost of the lawsuit.

Most professional liability lawsuits are filed against medical professionals, attorneys, architects, financial advisors, tax professionals, engineers, and similar profession holders.


The above mentioned professions are often at more risk of a professional liability lawsuit because their errors can often cause substantial and potentially irreversible damage.

What The Law Says About Professional Liability

The law says that human beings are prone to committing mistakes; even those that are professionals.

The law requires the professional or their insurance company compensate the suffering plaintiff in case the mistake was avoidable.

However, not every mistake is a cause of liability.

The decision that will be made in court is simple: whether the damaging circumstances that affected was avoidable or not.

What to Do If You Are Being Sued for Professional Liability

Be Proactive

In business, it is extremely important to be proactive rather than reactive. If you belong to a profession with a high liability risk, then it is highly advisable that you have a lawyer ready for this situation. An experienced professional liability lawyer can provide advice and help you keep up to date with preventive measures. For example, you should have signed documents and contracts from your clients that reduce the risk of any liability claim in case of damages.

You should also keep documents that record what you were hired to do, how much you charge, and the general details of the process.

If a professional liability lawsuit has been filed against you, consult an attorney immediately. A professional lawyer can provide you with appropriate advice on how to proceed and complete any required initial preparations.

Be Transparent With Your Attorney

Once a claim has been made, you should be very transparent with your professional liability lawyer.

Explaining your situation as clearly as possible to your attorney:

  • Tell your attorney what you know about the client.
  • Mention what kind of services you delivered and what you charged
  • Bring up any specific demands made by the client
  • Note if there was a follow up for your provided services

There are no minor details when it comes to professional liability defense.

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