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Why You Need A Civil Litigation Attorney

Civil litigation attorneys are omnipresent in the legal sector as there are countless numbers of civil lawsuits filed every day. However, even with the prevalence of litigation attorneys, many people aren’t exactly sure what they do.

What Exactly Does a Civil Litigation Attorney Do?

Civil litigation attorneys represent individuals in non-criminal cases. The main responsibility of an experienced civil litigation attorney is to takeinto account the client’s best interests while aggressively and lawfully representing his/her client and in the courtroom. Litigation attorneys will assist you with everything from pre-trial documentation all the way to the resolution of your case.

Usually, there is a substantial amount of preparation for a civil litigation attorney before filing a lawsuit. An investigation that includes interviewing witnesses and collecting documents may be necessary.  Also, the attorney may try to contact the defendant to resolve the matter before taking it trial. There are usually numerous pretrial hearings in which negotiations for settlements for are brought up. Ultimately, if a case doesn’t get settled in the pretrial, then a civil litigation attorney will take it court.

When Do You Need A Civil Litigation Attorney?

The answer to this question is rather simple: anytime you are considering suing or defending yourself from a lawsuit.

When Should You Contact a Litigation Attorney?

While you should always contact a litigation attorney for professional advice, a civil lawsuit for a plaintiff may be the best option if:

  1. Your case is strong
  2. The potential compensation is enough to justify the expense of the lawsuit.

You need a skilled civil litigation attorney that is effective at pre-trial preparation but also has a strong understanding of the area of litigation. We can swiftly advise you on the best course of action on a variety of matters including but not limited to: defamation, discrimination, product liability, personal injury, real estate disputes, and workers compensation.

Our civil litigation attorneys are experienced and committed professionals that know the ins-and-outs of the legal process and everything that involves filing a successful lawsuit.

Handling Civil Cases Outside of The Courtroom

In some instances, even when you have a solid case, it is more beneficial to settle out of court than to go through a drawn out legal battle. In these instances, out of court settlements and mediation/arbitration may be your best option. No matter what the case is, the first step is contacting an experienced civil litigation attorney

How Much is a Civil Litigation Attorney Going To Cost?

There is no definitive answer as it truly depends on the lawyer and your case. There are two different ways attorneys can charge for their services: by the hour or contingent fees.

Contingency means that instead of your attorney charging you initially or by the hour, the attorney takes a set percentage of any compensation at the successful resolution of your case. Usually, attorneys will agree to contingencies when their clients have solid cases.

Contact The Miami Civil Litigation Attorneys Lydecker | Diaz

At Lydecker Diaz, our firm is comprised of Miami civil litigation attorneys that are experienced, dedicated, and committed to helping our clients get the compensation or resolution that they deserve. Whether your case is settled privately or handled in the courtroom, our Miami civil litigation attorneys will give you the best chances of winning your case. Contact us today for a legal consultation.

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