Accounting Malpractice Lawsuits Can Be Devastating To A Firm

Accountants, by law, have to follow certain standards when providing services to their clients. Not following these set standards can be deemed as accounting negligence or malpractice.For example, if an accountant hasn’t filed their client’s tax returns before the due date, this is considered negligence.

An accounting malpractice lawsuit is absolutely the worst nightmare for any accounting firm. Here’s why:

Monetary Losses

Much like any other commercial litigation or financial litigation issue, an accounting malpractice lawsuit can lead to huge monetary losses if a judgment is ruled against an accountant or accounting firm.

Ruining Reputation and Credibility

Apart from the fines and costs associated with losing an accounting malpractice lawsuit, accountants are also at the risk of having their reputation and credibility affected adversely.

License Revocation

In certain cases, if substantial intentional malpractice has been proven, an accountant’s license may be revoked.

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