Practice Areas

Our firm handles professional negligence actions involving accounting malpractice. Our attorneys have financial backgrounds and are versed in commercial areas that facilitate efficient recovery of damages caused by accountants’ deviations with Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) and Generally Accepted Auditing Standards (GAAS). Accounting malpractice actions often involve voluminous document discovery for which our firm has the technological resources to effectively administer. The firm also works closely with skilled forensic accountants and consultants to identify auditors’ negligent acts and omissions and related monetary losses recoverable.
Our Admiralty and Maritime Practice Group is comprised of attorneys experienced in the nuances and intricacies of admiralty jurisdiction and their impact on the substantive law and procedural rules associated with maritime law. Our Group routinely handles disputes involving personal injury and wrongful death of seamen; compensation for injuries and wrongful death of longshoremen and harbor workers as well as disputes arising out of injuries to passengers aboard vessels. We also handle numerous cases involving vessel loss and property damage to marine facilities, maintenance and repairs, and resulting subrogation actions.  As with all of the Firm’s practice groups, the Maritime Practice Group is dedicated to providing our clients with both effective and efficient solutions to all of their legal issues.
Lydecker | Diaz’s Appellate Practice Division regularly handles appeals in the various Florida District Courts of Appeal, the Florida Supreme Court, the Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals and the United States Supreme Court. Our Appellate Practice group provides a full range of service in state, federal, and administrative cases. The Firm handles numerous high-stakes appeals, issues of first impression, cases with industry-wide significance, and multi-party suits.
The Firm maintains an active attorney malpractice defense, experienced in a number of the disciplines in the practice of law. We deal with claims against attorneys that have ranged from matters simply overlooked, to complex corporate reorganizations and real estate fraud. Our broad base of experience allows us to investigate and develop strategies for the effective defense. At the request a carrier, we can serve as a “hot-line” counsel to advise lawyers so insured on means of responding to potential claims and evaluating issues affecting their ethical duties. Legal malpractice claims are often complex and involve the potential divulgence of information about cases and clients. In addition, sometimes these claims must be defended while simultaneously responding to State Bar complaints, inquiries, or investigations. The reputation of an attorney should be handled by experienced attorneys who can respond to and interact between both civil and administrative actions.
Lydecker Diaz provides comprehensive representation to both commercial and private aircraft carriers and owners. In the commercial context, our representation includes the litigation of issues related to aircraft property damage. We also represent commercial passenger and cargo owners in the defense of fuel and services liens. In addition to litigation, we assist in all corporate matters related to contract preparation for financing and purchase and sale of aircrafts. In the realm of private aviation, we represent various FAA Part 135 on demand operators and air-taxi-for-hire brokers. Our representation includes the preparation of wet and dry leases, purchase and sale contracts, tax advice, and all related litigation. In addition to owners and carriers, we provide legal services to FAA Part 145 Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul facilities. Not only do we advise on Part 145 certificate compliance, but we defend and litigate the enforcement of statutory services and fuel liens.
Lydecker Diaz has experience in bankruptcy and creditor’s rights litigation. The firm represents debtors and creditors in state, federal, and bankruptcy courts. A large part of our creditor’s rights client base consists of referrals from other attorneys. The firm handles commercial collections for various businesses and banks, realization and foreclosure on collateral, debtor and creditor representation in pre-bankruptcy workouts, creditor representation in Chapter 13 cases, debtor and creditor representation in Chapter 11 reorganizations, trials of involuntary bankruptcy petitions and adversary proceedings regarding fraudulent conveyances, preferences, turnover, dischargeability and discharge.
The Business Reorganization practice team represents a diverse range of clients and provides counseling and support services to companies involved in bankruptcy-related matters, either as creditors, as debtors, or as counsel for official committees of unsecured creditors. We assist our clients throughout the bankruptcy case, starting with the debtor’s initial request for debtor-in- possession financing, continuing through the sale or other disposition of the debtor’s assets, plan formulation, and plan confirmation.
When representing defendants faced with class action claims, we offer trial experience, depth of staffing, organizational skills and technology tools to defend large-scale litigation. Our Firm’s attorneys have handled a number of class action claims ranging from complex claims of malfeasance to statutory violations with positive cost-savings results.
Our Commercial Litigation practice includes the representation of regional, national and international clients throughout state and federal court systems in a variety of issues such as banking, commercial disputes, commercial collections, government contract disputes, international trade issues, securities litigation, tax litigation, unfair competition, breach of contract, and business torts.
 The Firm also has substantial experience in defending homeowners and condominium associations, their directors and officers, as well as management companies.  Among the numerous association cases we regularly litigate and try, we have handled claims involving negligent security, assaults, batteries, general negligence, premises liability, indemnity claims, loss profit claims, tortious interference claims, civil theft, accounting negligence, failure to provide statutorily-required access to records, breach of fiduciary duty, declaratory judgment actions, coverage disputes, wrongful death claims, property damage claims, class actions, foreclosures, unpaid association fees, common area definition disputes, deceptive and unfair practices, noncompliance with condominium documents requirements and bylaws, and housing discrimination claims. 
Among the Firm’s most active practices is its Construction Litigation Division, with experience at litigating construction defects, design defects, product liability claims, tort claims, and related insurance coverage matters. Our Firm provides legal representation and counsel in construction defect claims, ranging from defective work by subcontractors, general contractors, architects, engineers, developers, other design professionals, special inspectors, government inspectors, construction managers, and claims involving allegedly defective or unsafe materials / products incorporated into structures. The Construction Litigation Division also handles a wide-array of related construction issues including Chapter 558 claims, delay and impact claims, significant mold claims, asbestos, Chinese drywall, other toxic substances, and subsequent remediation of such conditions affecting indoor air quality. Our attorneys are also experienced in handling design defect claims, and have most recently handled such claims involving baseball stadiums and public schools where the design defect is alleged to have resulted in significant injuries. Similarly, our attorneys handle claims relating to public and private real estate owners, design and engineering professionals, contract drafting and negotiations, public and private construction contract bidding, bid procurement and challenges, and construction liens. The Firm’s experience in construction-related matters spans from the defense of claims involving single family residences to multi-story complexes and commercial projects. In many instances our firm is retained as coverage counsel for insurance companies to provide comprehensive coverage opinions on complex construction claims involving owner or contractor controlled (WRAP-UP) insurance policies, commercial general liability policies and builder’s risk policies. In addition to coverage matters, the firm routinely defends construction defects cases involving personal injury claims (sick building claims) arising from alleged mold contamination. Our attorneys have represented home builders, owners, and general and subcontractors. Our Firm also handles multi-state construction litigation and more recently has experienced a surge in “Chinese drywall” claims, including the handling of a class action involving Chinese drywall.
The Corporate Law section of our firm represents privately and publicly held companies. Our attorneys counsel clients on a variety of corporate and securities transactions, state and federal regulatory and litigation matters, including corporate and regulatory compliance and corporate governance, and related internal and regulatory investigations. Our Firm also routinely handles responses by independent auditors and compliance with Sarbanes-Oxley.

Our Firm regularly represents media companies with substantial online presences, as well as numerous internet marketing firms.  We have handled a wide array of claims arising out of activities occurring on the Internet or through computers, including numerous cases of data theft involving the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act, as well as trademark infringement actions, marketing agreement disputes, regulatory compliance, CAN-SPAM Act of 2003 compliance, Internet security claims, defamation, and new employment violations occurring online.  
 Our Firm has developed exceptional experience in defending high-level defamation claims involving corporate entities, including publicly-traded companies and numerous media defendants, as well as individual company directors, officers, media reporters and the like. Our cases have included those will billions of dollars in contracts at issue, claims of criminal conduct, corporate espionage, discrete issues of the First Amendment, journalist’s privilege, substantial truth doctrine, defamation-proof plaintiffs, and defense of confidential informants. A number of other cases involve, typically, allegations of dishonest, fraudulent, and/or criminal acts which are the subject of defamation claims. Our Firm has defended a number of these actions and is well-versed in the particularized defenses and issues pertinent to these cases.
The firm also has substantial experience in defending directors and officers in a wide variety of D&O claims and coverage matters. The matters we have handle range from litigating the deepening of an insolvency to claims of mismanagement and fraud. We also defend both for-profit D&O claims and claims against non-profit corporations and State-created corporations. We recognize the disruption a company faces when senior management is targeted in litigation, as well as the concomitant public relations concerns. Our experience permits our D&O team to promptly evaluate strategic and cost issues, and to defend or resolve disputes in a cost-effective and expeditious manner. Our D&O experience has led us to deal with a variety of specific areas including creditor “deepening insolvency,” securities, employment issues, concerns, and franchise disputes, among other things. Other areas in which our attorneys have been called upon to defend include commercial disputes, condominium association director’s actions, shareholder derivative actions and insurance coverage.
Our Firm’s attorneys have considerable experience defending various public and private educational institutions in actions involving complex issues of constitutional law, sovereign immunity, civil rights, as well as torts, employment litigation, breach of contract claims, and common law claims.  The Firm regularly represents school boards and school districts, charter schools, and private and public universities across the State, as well as their employees, principals, and directors.  
 Lydecker Diaz’s attorneys have represented a myriad of energy-related entities in a wide-array of disputes and regulatory matters.  From government regulatory oversight to alternative energy solutions.  We have handled procurements related to LNG pipelines for transportation companies, handling the acquisition and implementation of intermodal logistics hubs/facilities, representation of solar energy firms, litigation involving biofuels entities, environmental claims, fuel spill claims against fuel transporters, creation of a third-party administrator for fuel distributors, countless representation of energy distributors involving environmental, employment, leasing, and ADA-related issues.  The firm routinely represents several charter and national airlines in a wide-variety of disputes and regulatory matters.
Our lawyers combine decades of experience in government and the private sector to help our clients solve their environmental challenges.  We represent clients in every aspect of litigation, civil enforcement, regulatory counseling, permitting, rulemaking, lobbying, criminal investigations, corporate crises, contaminated site remediation and business transactions.  Our environmental lawyers assist clients in resolving issues arising in all media (air, water, waste, wetlands, etc.) and under every major environmental statute and regulatory program.  We utilize effective advocacy, both in court and before the local, state and federal agencies with which we have built strong relationships.
Litigation involving E & O claims is a staple of the Firm’s practice. We have handled a wide array of federal and state litigation, including class actions, involving violations of consumer protection laws, misrepresentation, fraud, conspiracy to commit fraud, malpractice, breaches of fiduciary duties violations of Florida’s Deceptive and Unfair Trade Practices Act, and generalized negligence . We regularly defend attorneys, law firms, insurance brokers, accountants, actuaries, brokers, real estate professionals, title agents, closing agents, appraisers, home inspectors, escrow agents, and health care professionals, including physicians, nurses, physician’s assistants, and mental health practitioners involved in a wide array of claims.  We also regularly represent these professionals with regard to administrative proceedings involving professional boards, including disciplinary matters.
 The Firm’s commercial litigation department routinely handles the Firm’s financial litigation, where the Firm represents banking institutions, the FDIC, state and federal agencies, corporate entities, partners, shareholders, trustees and creditors in a multitude of complex recovery actions.

As part of the Firm’s Financial Litigation services, we have represented state-chartered banks in complex action involving state court foreclosures, corporate bankruptcy and insurance insolvency laws, as well as trustees of large national bank holding corporations in multi-district litigation involving officer and director liability, accounting malpractice and interrelated Chapter 11 bankruptcy liquidation issues.  We have represented an international telecommunications company in an action against a joint venture involving non-compete and licensing agreements and complex procedural and jurisdictional issues, an Owner/Developer in construction lien/bond litigation involving a $60 million project involving allegations of defects, disputed change orders and other accounting issues, as well as a consortium of foreign nationals against Federal agencies to recover more than $3 million in seized funds.

The Firm also routinely handles disputes involving sophisticated real property, mortgage, judgment and lien foreclosures, corporate and partnership disputes or dissolutions, and matters involving collections on behalf of creditors, landlords, trustees and receivers in State and Federal courts.

Our Financial Litigation team routinely handles matters for financial institutions, including litigation surrounding a bank’s obligations and duties in receiving payment orders and making fund transfers under the UCC and applicable banking statutes and regulations, property escheat, garnishment, filing and litigating interpleader actions, litigation of terms and conditions of accounts, domestic and international interbank agreement disputes, bank fraud, including international wire transfer fraud, lender liability, litigation of tax avoidance schemes and bank’s role therein, negligent misrepresentation in making lender disclosures to clients and third-party lenders, fraud investigations, compliance consulting, as well as commercial and residential foreclosures.

Our Firm enjoys diverse practice areas, which include an intellectual property division, professional liability division, employment practices and liability, government liability division, bankruptcy, property and casualty insurance defense division, insurance coverage team, diverse federal and state appellate division, a section on bad faith litigation, personal injury protection team, worker’s compensation division, business section, real estate transactions divisions, and a corporate transactions department. Accordingly, our Complex Litigation Group draws from each such division in the handling of complex and oft-specialized fields. Working as one cohesive team, our Firm handles complex litigation matters with a disciplined, but aggressive, approach.
Our attorneys have experience representing school boards and school districts, public and private universities, a significant number of Florida municipalities, several state agencies, Florida Counties, special taxing districts, water management districts, drainage districts, and state attorneys and officials of Federal agencies. The firm’s representation of government entities has included the representation of government officials, political sub-divisions, state corporations, police officers, chiefs of police, sheriffs, superintendents, police departments, mayors, council members, directors, and newly-elected public officials. The firm’s government liability team regularly handles cases involving complex issues of constitutional law, sovereign immunity, civil rights, as well as torts, employment law violations, and common law claims. We have defend governmental entities including school districts in a number of cases involving a wide array of issues such as gender discrimination, sexual harassment, retaliation, violations of the 4th Amendment, 14th Amendment, the Federal and State Whistleblower’s Statutes, Title VII, Title IX, and Bivens actions, and Section 1983 actions. Our government liability team has experience in defending against government tort liability claims, vicarious liability actions, and public officials’ misconduct, carefully navigating a variety of government-specific defenses, including state sovereign immunity, qualified immunity, Eleventh Amendment immunity, and federal state action doctrines.
The firm’s Health Care Law section provides extensive counsel to our clients in all aspects of health care law. Our assistance to clients includes a wide variety of Federal and Florida regulatory, transactional and litigation matters. The health care industry is one of the most heavily regulated sectors of the economy. The statutes, regulations and policies that focus on parties involved in the health care industry are complex and continuously changing. The members of the Health Law section at our firm understand these complex legal requirements and provide our clients the comfort and reliability they are seeking.
The firm maintains an experienced group dedicating to representing owners, managers, developers and investors in the hospitality industry. Our hospitality group includes attorneys from several practice areas including Copyright Law, Franchising, Governmental Relations and Affairs, Labor and Employment, Construction Law, and Real Estate. Our hospitality attorneys provide counseling to hospitality franchisors and franchisees in the structuring, implementation and maintenance of national franchise and distribution systems.
Our Firm offers a full range of immigration services to our corporate clients.
Our insurance coverage practice group regularly represents international insurance carriers, third-party administrators, and insurance brokers on a wide-array of insurance policy and coverage issues from the inception of a claim through trial, as well as any bad faith litigation stemming therefrom.  Our attorneys routinely assist carriers by providing opinions concerning coverage and defense opinions involving complex insurance issues, novel issues of law, and interpretations of specialized/manuscript insurance policies, reservation of rights, settlement agreements, cost-sharing agreements, and administrative responses (Civil Remedy Notices) involving statutory bad faith claims.  The firm also regularly handles insurance coverage litigation, as well as insurance disputes resolved through alternative dispute resolutions, including mediations and arbitration proceedings.  

We represent several insurance guaranty associations in connection with both regulatory and claims matters. Our attorneys have counseled claimants of various types in insurance company insolvency matters as well as advising insurers. In addition, we have represented insurance companies, policyholders, guaranty associations, reinsurers and reinsureds, third-party administrators, and others in connection with insurance insolvencies in various jurisdictions. Other insolvency counseling includes strategic counseling regarding risk based capital requirements and potential adverse regulatory outcomes, counseling for troubled insurers and/or their reinsurers to avoid receiverships and representation of creditors of insolvent insurers in state liquidation or conservatorship proceedings.
Our Intellectual Property attorneys counsel clients in both specialized technology and worldwide protection issues. With experience in federal and state court litigation in trademark licensing issues, trademark infringement, trade dress infringement, trademark dilution, false advertising, trade secret and copyright infringement, our IP department is well qualified to handle a wide range of intellectual property and technology matters, from investigation through trial. Our IP department also handles the preparation and filing of all registrations, oppositions, and post-registration documents, oppose and petition to cancel third-party applications and registrations similar to our clients’ trademarks.
Our Firm has represented numerous private and public employers and agencies (such as the Department of Insurance and Department of Financial Services) in suits filed by employees, handling both the administrative proceedings before the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) or local agencies, as well as in any resulting litigation in both state and federal courts. We also represent management in labor negotiations and related matters with its unionized employees. Our firm’s labor and employment law practice covers the entire spectrum of labor and employment litigation: arbitration, administrative practice before the EEOC and the Labor Department, federal contract compliance, wage-hour standards, workers’ compensation, and client counseling under federal and state labor and employment laws. We also deal extensively with issues such as due process and name clearing hearings, qualified immunity, unionization, grievance proceedings and arbitrations. We have also drafted and updated Policy and Procedure Manuals for both private and public employers, including updates as to current laws and regulations, conducting in-house training to upper management in procedural applications thereof. Our employment practice group also counsels clients in employment matters across the United States, London, France and Germany, and has and does litigate numerous employment cases in the Northern, Middle and Southern District Federal Courts in Florida, as well as in Florida’s State Courts and the Florida Division of Administrative Hearings.
 Our Land Use and Zoning division includes a former mayor, a city attorney, and numerous government attorneys with intricate knowledge of building, zoning, planning, and land use issues. Our attorneys have ample experience before Zoning Boards, Planning Boards concerning use, special exceptions, variances, planned unit developments, impacts, and projects. Our attorneys are well-versed in handling administrative proceedings involving rezoning, land use planning, planned unit development, and impact on environment. We have handled a number of cases involving constitutional challenges to zoning regulations and restrictions, rezoning, eminent domain, inverse condemnation.
Our attorneys have been involved in numerous corporate reorganizations, mergers, acquisitions, and spinoffs involving multi-million and billion-dollar entities, both private and public, on a domestic and international basis.  We have significant experience in spearheading due diligence efforts, acquisitions to gain Board control, acquisition of intellectual property portfolios, key employee retention, corporate governance strategies, new company assimilation, pension plan changes, and corporate mergers. As part of any anticipated takeover, our Firm has been called to assemble due diligence teams from select attorneys and accountants in order to advise on the status of the adverse company. Our Firm also routinely handles responses by independent auditors and compliance with Sarbanes-Oxley.
Lydecker | Diaz represents numerous hotels, developers, condominiums, large multi-unit land owners, restaurants, bars, retail establishments, malls, security firms, property managers, and associations involved in numerous claims of negligent security for a wide array of on-property offenses. We have a set of experienced attorneys who have each handled dozens of high-profile negligent security cases involving complex and detailed expert analysis and testimony, including but not limited to murders/wrongful deaths, assaults and batteries, drug-related offenses, targeted attacks, and rapes and other sexual batteries.  
 At Lydecker |  Diaz, our lawyers are at the forefront of the ever-evolving law governing no-fault personal injury protection (PIP) insurance policies in Florida.   We regularly handle a high-volume caseload, ensuring that our clients receive the cost benefits of similarities between cases.   At the same time, we recognize that each case is its own matter, and craft individualized solutions when appropriate on the facts of a given case.  As a result, we can fine-tune the handling of specific cases to meet the needs of each client. We feature a full-service PIP department with years of experience investigating, advising on, and litigating PIP claims.  Our attorneys continually remain abreast of the frequent changes in the PIP Statute and case law, enabling us to offer accurate and updated advice to our clients.  For instance, we are often called upon by carriers to coordinate pre-suit investigations of PIP claims, and have conducted hundreds of examinations under oath (EUOs) of PIP insureds.  We routinely advise clients on complex PIP coverage issues regarding commercial vehicles as well as out-of-state policies, accidents, and automobiles.  The attorneys in our PIP department have further amassed considerable experience defending PIP lawsuits based on improper provider licensing, improper supervision, untimely billing, material misrepresentation, fraud, failure to cooperate, failure of conditions precedent, exhaustion of policy benefits, and a host of other issues.
When an owner of a business or home fails to secure the safety of those entering the premises, the owner may be responsible for harm or injuries that may arise. Our premises liability attorneys represent property owners in claims arising from personal injuries, wrongful death, injuries caused by code violation, injuries caused by premises in disrepair and injuries due to the presence of toxic or any dangerous substances.
Lydecker Diaz represents a number of manufacturers in various industries defending claims of dangerous, toxic, and defective products. We regularly represent manufacturers, installers, and retailers in actions involving such products as spray foam insulation, dry wall, furniture, toys, and home goods. Our cases are state and federal actions, sometimes involved in multi-district litigation, class actions, or complex commercial matters.  
Litigation involving Professional Liability is a staple of the Firm’s practice.  We are regularly involved in various matters in courts throughout Florida involving errors and omissions claims, claims against directors and officers, and defamation claims.  We routinely represent attorneys, law firms, insurance agents and brokers, real estate agents, title and closing agents, escrow agents, appraisers, investment firms, as well as various medical doctors, psychologists, licensed clinical social workers, and other counselors.  As part of its professional liability practice, the Firm regularly represents professionals before professional boards and bars in administrative proceedings, including formal complaints, inquiries, and investigations.

The attorneys that comprise the Property Practice Group have represented both personal and commercial line carriers, provide legal support throughout the claims investigation process, and serve as defense counsel in state and federal litigation. We cover the entire spectrum of first-party practice, including the investigation of suspicious claims such as arson, inflated contents or loss of business claims, defending allegations of breach of contract, responding to Consumer Complaints and Civil Remedy Notices of Insurer Violation filed with the Department of Financial Services.In representing these clients, our firm has dealt extensively with issues such as third party liability claims, hurricane damage, sinkhole, arson and fraud investigation, coverage, regulations regarding the claims handling process and allegations of bad faith.

Our attorneys have served as lead counsel on hundreds of cases surrounding claims of property damage ranging from storm loss to total losses as a result of fire. Our experience with the daily activities and requirements during the adjustment of a claim of loss allows us to work with our clients in moving forward toward resolution of a claim, or to identify all potential defenses in support of a denial or avoidance of coverage. Our attorneys are highly experienced in working with our clients in the investigation of suspicious claims, which has served to allow our clients to effectively uncover fraud or material misrepresentations. As part of our Property services to carriers, our Property attorneys regularly handle: Civil Remedy Notices of Insurer Violation & Consumer Complaints filed with the Department of Financial Services; Coverage Opinions; Breach of Contract Actions; Declaratory Judgment Actions; Bad Faith & Unfair Claims Handling Practices; Litigation Avoidance Practices.

The Real Estate Group’s goal is to provide cutting edge and innovative services to our clients. Our attorneys have experience in all areas of the real estate industry including insurance companies, financial institutions, developers, contractors, design professionals, consultants and governmental entities. Our practice areas include but are not limited acquisitions, dispositions and entity formation (joint ventures, limited partnerships, limited liability companies among others).

As part of its representation of sellers, buyers, agents, brokers, developers, lenders, landlords, tenants, inspectors, investors, and contractors in transactional matters the Group also represents these same clients in a variety of real estate litigation matters, including foreclosures, eminent domain, evictions, liens and title insurance claims. Because time is usually of the essence in real estate disputes, our lawyers strive to provide clients with quick and decisive resolutions.
Whether the Real Estate Practice Group is managing the acquisition or disposition of real property or conducting large scale litigation it prides itself on understanding not only our client’s short term goals but just as importantly its long term goals. This in turn provides our clients with the peace of mind that today’s decision has been made with tomorrow in mind.

As you know, securities litigation can take many forms, based in large part on the courts’ broad interpretation of what constitutes a security under federal and Florida law. Our attorneys are intimately familiar with litigation concerning violations of federal securities laws, including §12(a) Securities Act, 15 USC 77l; §17(a) Securities Act, 15 USC 77q; §10(b) Exchange Act and Rule 10b-5, 15 USC § 78j; and §15(a) (1) Exchange Act, 15 USC §78o (a) (1). Additionally, our attorneys are also well-versed with securities claims arising from such diverse transactions as wholesale real estate purchases, option transactions, bonds, and international promissory notes.
The Firm enjoys a diverse range of talented attorneys on staff familiar with securities laws, including a certified Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) Dispute Resolution Public Arbitrator, and a Certified Fraud Examiner.
When necessary, our litigators work closely with other attorneys in the taxation, bankruptcy, real estate, banking, business, insurance, and international practice areas to achieve the best results for our clients. Securities and Shareholder Class Action When representing defendants faced with class-action claims, we offer decades of trial experience, depth of staffing, organizational skills and technology tools to defend large-scale litigation. Our strong and positive reputation in Florida makes us ideally-suited to handle such complex litigation. Our Firm’s attorneys handle a number of significant class-action claims ranging from complex claims of malfeasance to statutory violations with positive cost-saving results.
 Our Firm has a unique rapid response transportation unit which acts within minutes of being notified of a potentially covered catastrophic accident involving a tractor trailer to begin obtaining and preserving evidence, interviewing witnesses, working with law enforcement personnel and the Department of Transportation at both the state and federal levels. Appreciating the need for an accelerated, but comprehensive, investigation, our attorneys are equipped with the industry-specific knowledge and experience to thoroughly interview drivers, brokers, business owners and exhaustively locate and preserve both documentary and electronic evidence. Many of these claims involve multi-vehicle collisions resulting in wrongful death, or serious injuries including burns, disfigurement, paralysis, multiple fractures, and brain injuries.  Throughout the years, we have defended claims at all levels within the trucking industry, including claims against transport companies, movers, insurers, manufacturers, retailers, owners, brokers and drivers. We have handled claims involving defective mechanisms, deficiencies in equipment maintenance and inspection, breach of duty in selection, over-loaded trailers, broker negligence, negligent hiring/retention/training, licensure problems, falsified records, and have vigorously defended disputes which have arisen as the result of same. The depth of our experience affords us the ability to handle any size or type of claim, ranging from minor accidents involving minimal damages, to major accidents involving millions of dollars in potential damages. Additionally, our Firm has vast experience with regard to evaluating medical-related damages, and we have defended hundreds of cases involving wrongful death, ligament damage, brain injuries, and spinal cord injuries
 Our Workers’ Compensation Practice Group has represented numerous carriers and private entities such as FFVA Mutual Insurance Co., State of Florida Department of Financial Services, F.A. Richard & Associates and American International Group, Winn-Dixie Grocery Stores, Piccadilly Restaurants, LLC, Whole Foods Supermarkets, Signature Healthcare, AMS Staff Leasing, Michael’s, Fresh Market Inc., and many others in claims and any resulting litigation throughout the State of Florida. Our Firm’s Workers’ Compensation Practice Group covers the entire spectrum of the defense of the workers’ compensation claims to include the following: investigation suspicious of fraudulent claims; thoroughly evaluation claims for potential resolution at state and/or private mediation; discovery and trial preparation when appropriate for litigation up to and through Final Hearing; evaluation and resolution of subrogation claims; and facilitation and submission of Medicare Set Asides with the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services. In addition to representing numerous carriers in their workers’ compensation claims, the Firm has also had significant experience in representing and working with municipalities toward the resolution of such claims. For example, the Firm has represented and resolved numerous claims for the Broward County School Board, South Broward Hospital District, City of Sunny Isles, City of Bal Harbour, City of Dania Beach, and Florida City. As part of its value-added services, the Firm also routinely works hand-in-hand with clients for claims avoidance, identification of problem areas, and the implementation of measures to limit overall exposure.  For our carrier clients, the Firm has developed a comprehensive Continuing Education seminar for claims professionals, which provides an update on numerous developments of the law, as well as CE credit.